Transpersonal Growth


Since you’re here, there’s a good chance you’re the type of person who just knows there’s more to life. Perhaps you’ve even started to figure out just what that more might be for you, or are curious to start your journey of self-exploration.

Transpersonal Growth is a site dedicated to people just like you all over the world. Seekers… Explorers… Adventurers in to the innermost depths of our minds, and to the outermost imaginations of the cosmos. Being on this path of inner-finding is one of the most life enriching processes a person can go through, but you will also come across treacherous terrain and unexpected twists along the way. It’s at times like these that having a like-minded tribe around you, and a wealth of resources, can make all the difference.

My name’s Jason, and I’ll be your guide today (check the about page if you want to know a little more about me). This blog lets me get my experiences down in a way that others can hopefully learn from; it helps me get things in perspective for myself, too. Despite having started down this path already, even I feel like I’m starting from square one every now and again, as I uncover what’s around each corner (you can read more on the blog).

The realm of the transpersonal transcends and connects all of us, to all things, and can bring you in to a new way of being, perceiving, and interacting with yourself and the universe. Hopefully we can connect, and share some of that experience along the way.


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