Transpersonal Growth

I’d been in contact with Mark Ruedi a few times over the past month or so, first coming across each other in a Facebook group. He introduced me to the healing modality he has spent some years developing – Root Healing. Intrigued, I checked out his website and started to read up on it; fairly fascinated by this point, I kept it in mind as something to look in to further when I had the time. A few weeks went by, and I figured this was something I could really get behind, and was quite interested in learning from Mark and possibly becoming a Root Healing coach myself.

It was suggested – to experience the effects myself, and gain some experiential knowledge of the technique – that Mark take me through a session. I pondered the idea, wondering what exactly I needed healed. There was no point in just doing a dry run-through, so to speak, as I wouldn’t really get what was happening. It had to be experienced.

Time went on, and I found myself one day having a pretty good idea what I would go to Mark with. Well, I had a rough idea, enough for us to flesh out the actual issue when we were in session. We arranged a time for the session which would take place over Skype, and I settled down to get myself in order. I was calm, and had a rough idea what it would be ‘about’.

The first part of the process is all about dealing with the thoughts – the mental constructs, the ideas, the stories we tell ourselves. You can read all about the process on the Root Healing Website, but I want to give an overview of my own experience, as it turned out to be pretty profound. We talked for a while, sussing out together just what the issue was. We ended up going down a different route than I expected, Mark quickly getting under my words, and seeing what the deeper issues were. Second we delved in to the emotions, and scanned various parts of my body, feeling out the issue, rather than simply thinking about it.

As the session went on, I was hit by rather unusual imagery coming from somewhere deep inside me, and I would feel myself physically shake or want to laugh at times as we worked our way through the process. Moving on, we dealt with the survival instinct energies (fight, flight, and freeze) which embody the way we react to certain issues in our lives. I must say, reading through these on the website didn’t make much sense to me in relation to myself until I felt it in session, again with my imagination conjuring up all sorts of unusual pictures for me to deal with, showing me what I had to see, teaching me what I had to learn.

The final stage was dealing with stuck energy. This was the part that really surprised me, and I believe to be what I needed the healing for. The energy that was stuck to me I could see as this sludgy brown ball, located at my upper-back, and I felt it like a meat hook stuck between my shoulder blades (that was the image that came to me). By the end of the session, Mark guiding me and knowing just what to say, the energy was replaced by a fiery red ball, blazing around its edges. It was as if it seared the old wound left behind after taking out this hook that had been holding me in the past, and filled me with an entirely new energy.

I felt myself wanting to laugh and cry, and shed a few tears during the session. Afterwards I really let go, and let myself just feel. I lay on the floor for a while just soaking in this new energy, letting it seep in to every part of me. It was incredibly cathartic, and I do believe has allowed me to truly let go of a lot of what has been holding me back. I am all the more interested now in becoming a Root Healing coach, as this is a process that sums up much of what I have already learned about healing work in an elegant and effective manner. I was truly surprised, and entirely grateful, for everything that surfaced today. I plan to keep reading more about this modality as I continue my inner-work, as it is no doubt a tool I will use again for myself. One of the great things I see about Root Healing is that once you learn the techniques you can use them on yourself and on others, and so one day I hope that this is something I can offer to other people.

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