Transpersonal Growth


Since you’re hopefully going to be spending a bit of time here, and maybe even getting involved with the community on Facebook, it’s only fair you get to know who I am as well…

So, my name’s Jason. This is normally where I’d go on to tell you a little bit about me: where I work, what I study, my hobbies, interests, and so on… but how much of that is me? What is ‘me’ anyway? Those are the sorts of questions that really get you thinking.

That’s what Transpersonal Growth is about: challenging the assumptions you have about yourself and the world around you, questioning the fundamental assumptions you live your life by, and stepping in to the unknown. It is there that you can really become what you truly are.

If by some chance you would like to know more about me, and the background to me starting Transpersonal Growth, feel free to read on…

I’m a psychology student, I work in care, I’m a painter, and a keen blogger. I started Transpersonal Growth for a few reasons. Firstly, I’ve been very underwhelmed by what I thought was going to be a pursuit of knowledge when I decided to go to university. Psychology had been an interest of mine for some time, so I decided to pursue this further with what was at the time some vague notion that I would go on ‘to help people’ in whatever career I ended up in. I realised over the course of the years, and not without some heavy tribulation, that mainstream psychology just wasn’t going to cut it for what I wanted to do. During my time at university I became more and more interested in the spiritual and philosophical aspects of life, and this was what first led me to transpersonal psychology. I learned that to help anyone, in any meaningful way, you must address the whole person, and not simply play by some diagnostic book; this field covers that and way more.

In line with me wanting to help people in some way, I’ve worked in care on and off for the last four years roughly (starting off in a care home, and now working in an outreach service for people with autism). I’d had a few odd retail jobs before that, but the whole nine-to-five, folding t-shirts or stacking shelves thing, well it just wasn’t for me. I found a greater sense of satisfaction and contribution working in a care setting, and it aligned more with my future intentions of having some sort of therapeutic or coaching practice. Doing this work has brought me on in my own personal development, and taught me much about life, and understanding and interacting with others.

To skip back a bit, before all the University stuff, I was an art student. I won’t go too much in to that right now, but what I will say is that my creative side took a backseat when I got in to university. It’s only recently in fact that I’ve rediscovered my passion for painting and writing, and seen the potential for these practices as powerful tools for growth, creation, and self-reflection. During a year out I took from University, I made the decision that I would integrate my previous passion for art with my psychology degree and use it to pursue my goal of providing people with some form of alternative, creative therapy. While initially I only had my mind set on art therapy, this has expanded along with my general view towards life, and the ways in which I could contribute to people’s lives.

It was during the year out that I took from studying, after failing most of my classes and my life taking a huge downward turn, that I really came in to this awareness of just how expansive life is, and how much depth there is to reality. Although I was ignorant of it at the time, that year out and the chaotic year that preceded it was the start of what people generally refer to as a spiritual awakening. Life took on a whole new form, and I can say it has never been the same since; having learned how to flow with it, neither have I.

So, I apologize for the ramble, but what I’m doing here with Transpersonal Growth might not make as much sense without knowing the context – so this gives you a flavor of what has brought us to this point. I want to share with you all I’ve learned, and continue to learn, and bring together people who can support and challenge each other (including myself) as we all walk our paths.